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KONEKT is well connected, innovative and fun to work with IT company
Our team consists of: IT-specialists, High-End Technologists, Crazy (Interactive) Designers, Rockstar Programmers, Innovative MarketersOur key responsibility is to deliver you the most applicable solution (product/service) in a clear, transparent and the fastest way possible.

What We Do, How We Do It

We develop software. We do it together with our partners from Amsterdam and the Balkan region. We complete projects on time and at a very competitive price. We build Custom Software, Innovative Websites, Web- and Mobile Applications based on various technologies in an iterative and an incremental way always following undermentioned steps.

Understanding Customer Problem

Understanding Customer Problem

Success depends on the degree with which we manage to properly describe the system requirements. The tendency is to make a maximally clear and complete, description of WHAT is wanted!



We use a lot of modeling to communicate about software but also to be sure that we build the right system and we build the system right.



We trasform requirements into a system through iterative process by detail designing, coding, testing, communicating (reviewing and refining) and coding some more...



The higher customer collaboration the lower the risk that the system will not meet its requirements. In this phase KONEKT demonstrates that developed system works conforms the requirements.



In this phase the system is completed and KONEKT handles it over to the customer.

Maintenance or Evolution

Maintenance or Evolution

Software models part of reality, and reality changes, whether we like it or not. So the software has to change too. It has to evolve. A large percentage of what we are used to calling maintenance is actually evolution.

Recent Projects

KONEKT has led, managed, designed, developed and implemented a wide range of projects throughout the Netherlands and internationally. Learn more about our latest projects.




Experimental IT Marketer, Lecturer and Musician

Nerko Hadziarapovic is born on May 7th 1977. He is father of two boys, Mack Medo & Tamar. Nerko is a musician, lecturer & strategic marketeer. Nerko loves to create stuff and to keep it simple. He is an experienced business consultant who combines business and technology and translates customer needs into IT-solutions.
Nerko bears responsibility from customer demand to implementation of the solution. He remains involved in the development process and copes with obstacles and difficulties.

His favourite city is Los Angeles. His favourite band is dEUS. His favourite food is South Korean food. His strengths are: open minded, creative, strategic and his 1967 Fender Coronado II Guitar in the original Victoria Luggage Case.



IT Architect, Information Analyst, Software Designer and Developer

Loves to design and develop software solutions together with the customer. He stays on top of potential third party products that improve our IT solutions. Responsible for the technology stack, solution proposals, data modeling, service interface design and architecture. Monitors the on-going fit between the business requirements and actual developed solution. Stimulates the close collaboration with the customer as a Product Owners within a Scrum Team.

If you are not up to being completely involved into development process, he will be visiting you very often just to make sure you are completly informed about what's going on.

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